The Office of the Narcotics Control Board of Thailand (ONCB) has signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Drug control with the National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BNN)


On Thursday 8 December 2016 at. 8.30 am. local time, Mr Sirinya Sitdhichai, Secretary-General of Narcotics Control Board (NCB) together with Police Commissioner General Budi Waseso, Head of National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BNN) signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Office of the Narcotics Control Board of the Kingdom of Thailand and the National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia on the Cooperation in Controlling Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, their Precursors and Chemicals, and Drug Abuse.
The Thai delegation comprises of Mrs. Naramon Chuangrungsi, Deputy – Secretary General of Narcotics Control Board, Miss Rachanikorn Sarasiri, Advisor to ONCB, Mr. Sithisak Watjanarat, Director of Narcotic Supression Bureau, and relevant officers from Foreign Affairs Bureau of ONCB.
 The Signing of the MoU has enhanced the relation and cooperation on drug control among two countries to become concrete in both demand and supply reduction approaches.
 The Scope of cooperation are as follows;
1) Exchange experience and information relating to the drug suppression.
2) Exchange experience and knowledge of modern technologies in detecting illicit drugs, drug profiling and scientific analysis including test results of drug samples.
3) Exchange experience and information relating to the legislation and judicial practices for drug control, drug abuse prevention, and treatment and rehabilitation drug addicted.
4) Exchange best practices on Alternative Development.
5) Capacity-building, training for officers to reduce drug problems and other crimes.
In this regard, Indonesia expressed their interest on King Bhumibol’s philosophy on Alternative Development especially the implementation in Aceh province, the illicit cultivation of cannabis. Furthermore, the Thai delegation had the study visit on Drug Analysis at Drug Analysis Test Result at BNN Office. There was also the study visit on the mobile vehicle, the mobile laboratory for urine test which sometimes are used to publicize the drugs preventative education for their people.

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